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Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th February – 7:00pm
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‘The most well-crafted and poignant comedy turns at this year’s Fringe’ – ***** – The Herald
‘Interesting, engaging and funny’ ***** – The Mirror

It never really bothered me that I’d never met my mum.

It never occurred to me I needed to meet her to ‘find out who I was’, as it didn’t seem likely I’d discover I was someone different to who I thought I was. Could it turn out I was three stone lighter than I thought, or I spoke Italian or supported Arsenal or had a fear of Liquorice Allsorts?

But after the birth of my own son, I realised it’s quite an event to have a child, and she may well remember giving birth to me, and maybe even the adoption.

‘He has got an amazing tale to tell’ **** – The Guardian
‘Essential viewing’ – **** – The Independent